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Adults may think back woman & man the world a decade ago and sigh in nostalgia at its glorious innocence: The children of those adults may shrug derisively and ask if their parents also miss the wonderful days before cars, phones and indoor plumbing. The luxuries of one generation are the necessities, the addictions of the. An omen of the Apocalypse?

You decide. And social media, which once meant talking and letter-writing, will provide the fuel for the final conflagration. The dread signs — how e-blather can fester into a metaphorical Ebola — are especially rampant among womaan students in a Texas woman & man school.

Some of their parents are infected. Fifteen-year-old Chris Truby Travis Topewoman & man connoisseur of online porn woman & man he was 10, has graduated to images so violent and elaborate that he is incapable of sharing an ordinary sex act with a classmate. They should know that, in the age of an omniscient NSA and a transparent Cloud, nothing is private.

Every intimacy is &am;p for grabs. No points for guessing that the married philanderers end up at woman & man same bar. If Patricia had been the mother of any of the other kids, her snooping might have saved souls.

Here, it womam end a life. In his first three features — Thank You for SmokingJuno and Up in the Air — Reitman proved himself an woman & man at serious observational comedy.

He was too cool to push viewers toward or away from characters whose internal weirdness he figured would be evident woman & man any attentive mind. Then something snapped.

Young Adult woman & man wayward as the sketch of a prom queen 20 years past her prime, and Labor Day illuminated a bondage fantasy with Nativity lighting. An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus and Chloe dealt with sexual kinks, to lend authority to a synoptic take on a society wooman in virtual venery.

But the movie proceeds as if the NASA craft had returned to a slightly different Earth, where people who share nothing but a zip code are bent, or woman & man, in various ways by the same malady. The dozen or so main actors do their best to breathe nuance into characters that are standing in for social statements.

Sandler and DeWitt make a perfectly mismatched couple on a journey that long ago took a wrong turn. And for all the snazzy effects of kids walking through a mall or a woman & man corridor madly texting — their messages clogging the film frame like dialogue balloons in a Mad magazine splash panel — woman & man film is defiantly old-fashioned, possibly Luddite, &am;p condemning the appetites nourished by modern technology.

The way we remember it, kids of an earlier era wojan salacious stuff from their folks, if only under the mattress the first place a parent would look.

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They tortured themselves with diet regimens and sought pleasure in video games, board games or Strip Hearts. Spouses found ways to stray.

The world was awash in sexuality, always has been, yet somehow most of us survived. You can sit through the movie dutifully noting its lessons, but at the woman & man, you might want to clear your history. Contact us at editors time.

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