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White star pills

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Alle billeder af Raymond white star pills Mil. When a raver white star pills standing on some greasy dance floor among the pale, sweaty hordes, about to bite off half of a pill, it's unlikely they're thinking about the whie history of what they're about to swallow.

They'll want to wash it down as quickly as possible, which means there's no time to ponder how the chemical makeup of other generations of ecstasy pills have led to the one they are pillx to.

Hey guys, so this past weekend I had a few friends who have taken some pills known as White Stars. One of my friend have tested it out with a BunkPolice kit. I don't know off-hand, but if you go to the top of this page, click on "Pill Identifier". You'll be asked to enter the imprint on the pill, the color, and. Results 1 - 10 Drug: Certuss-D; Strength: chlophedianol 25 mg / guaifenesin mg / pseudoephedrine 60 mg; Pill Imprint: Star Logo PC; Color: White / Red.

But there's a story to tell about almost every sort of ecstasy pill. In many cases, for example, the logo on the pill alludes to the ingredients or its intended white star pills.

Results 1 - 10 Drug: Certuss-D; Strength: chlophedianol 25 mg / guaifenesin mg / pseudoephedrine 60 mg; Pill Imprint: Star Logo PC; Color: White / Red. Now you can quickly identify pills that have become separated from their original packaging, or verify tablet and capsule products you may have questions about. From Donald Trump to Starbucks-themed pingers, a collector guides us through the last two decades of ecstasy in the Netherlands.

In others, pills are part of a type of family of several generations of the same pill. Some are only on the market for a few months, others for years on white star pills. I have a friend who has been looking into the story behind pills over the years.

usa escort directory He'll remain anonymous for obvious reasons, but he's been collecting ecstasy produced in the Netherlands since His collection grew pretty organically — white star pills used to be a dealer, and, as he tells me, "when you buy them in bulk, you always end up with leftovers.

Every now white star pills then he'll dip into it, to give a rarer specimen to someone he knows who could appreciate it on stsr special occasion — on their birthday, for example. I recently went over to his place, to photograph a few highlights from his collection and learn their story.

These are three generations of pills with the word "love" on them, all produced in the Netherlands. The original pill — the diamond-shaped one on the left — arrived on the market white star pills and because of its quality, the demand was immediately much higher than the supply.

It pill a success in the house scene, though according to the collector, later generations of this pill didn't have the same, purely ecstatic effect on users. That's likely because of a change in recipe, but it's hard to say exactly white star pills changed.

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Yet, the heart-shaped ones are still one of the most popular types of ecstasy in the country. This guy's Dutch name was "druifje", which translates to "little grape". They came on the market white star pills and white star pills about mg of MDMA — which was a massive quantity at the time. According to the Jellinek institute, a Dutch centre specialising in providing information on alcohol, drugs and addiction, ecstasy would usually not contain more than 80mg to 90mg of MDMA until That gay guys phone numbers, MDMA as an ingredient white star pills apparently become pretty scarce, but when the supply matched the demand again inthe amount of MDMA in ecstasy suddenly started increasing exponentially.

White star pills

If that's right, white star pills cherries were a very early exception to that rule. After the first Mitsubishi pill was released aroundit quickly became legendary. The Mitsubishi logo on this pill might not have made the car brand very happy, but users sttar pretty ecstatic about the whole thing.

Pretty soon, other manufacturers started using the logo. The collector tells me that in the early days of the Mitsubishi, he only needed a third of one to be set for white star pills entire night. (formely EcstasyData): Test Details : Result # - White Star,

He had no idea of its potency the first time he horny women in Carey, ID it, so when white star pills kicked in he had to sit and wait in a bean bag for a few hours before he could get return to the white star pills. This pill, with a logo of a little rocket ship on it, appeared in the early iplls and found its audience in Dutch gabber culture.

The name and the sar referred to the amount of speed in the pill, which was much higher than in other pills of the time and served as a kind of fuel for gabber parties throughout the s. This pill was first produced white star pills the early s, and contained about mg of MDMA.

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This particular specimen was the product of some white star pills event marketing — stag collector got his hands on it in orwhen an organiser known for throwing white star pills techno parties on a boat in the Netherlands, handed them out for free to everyone at the door of his functions.

This pill first came on the wtar in the early s, and though the logo of a dove remained the gay online cam, every new production round came in a new colour.

It was on the market for several years, and according to the collector, he'd have a great night taking just half.

Because of their age, these white star pills are almost falling apart and you'll notice in the picture that different components have started to clot.

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The collector tells me, that doesn't mean he chucks them — at a house party with a nostalgic 90s theme a few years ago, he sold a bunch of pills he'd had wtar around for 20 years. They may have been falling apart, but they were still hippie hollow sex hit.

At the users' own risk, of course.

These pills, which owe their name to the fact that the logo is, indeed, two half circles, joined the collection in The collector whit them tested, and found white star pills they contain about mg of MDMA. This pill with a Starbucks logo has been on the market since about in the Netherlands, but the logo is used by white star pills.

Photos of Legendary Ecstasy Pills From the Last 20 Years - VICE

Pikls particular one contains about mg of MDMA. When he woke up the next day, the only piece of evidence he had of what had happened the night before, was a selfie on his phone of him and Dutch rapper White star pills Kleine of 's Dutch summer hit Drank en Drugs "Booze and Drugs" fame.

The newest significant addition to my friend's collection is the Donald Trump. The collector says the Donald White star pills comes from the same manufacturer that looking Real Sex Bluffs "the sim card" before, and that it contains a huge dose of Whtie.

Just huge. This article originally appeared on VICE Netherlands When a raver is standing on some greasy dance floor among the pale, sweaty hordes, about to bite off half of a pill, it's unlikely they're white star pills about whtie rich history of what they're about to swallow.