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White attic insulation

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If you are lucky enough to have insulation in white attic insulation floor bays of your attic, what is it made of? If you are really lucky, you could have cellulose — stuff made of old newspapers.

Cellulose insulation looks like dirty cottony paper-pulp. You are also lucky if you have fiberglass that pink cotton-candy-looking stuff. These, fortunately, are the most likely things you will see in your attic floor, besides white attic insulation.

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You might find one of the older insulating materials, UFFI. If you see it in an attic floor, it looks like gray Styrofoam.

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UFFI Urea formaldehyde foam insulation does a great job of white attic insulation. But, when it was put in houses in the s, it was found to out-gas enough formaldehyde to make people sick.

It was outlawed in the s.

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That was long-enough ago that the offending gas has dissipated. Whihe, if you had White attic insulation in your house inyou were pretty unhappy; now, it is a good thing.

Also in the old-insulation-that-does-you-harm category is vermiculite. It is rock that has asbestos in it.

Then there is the old stuff, usually wrapped in brown paper. Last week, I saw packing peanuts maybe they were just spilled from a bag they were being stored in — I hope so!

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Also, I see layers of what looks like inssulation foil without anything else; I think those are left white attic insulation from old fiberglass that was removed. There is also a growing trend to insulate attic ceilings.

White attic insulation

This is done with a foam called Icynene. The problem with anything that seals a white attic insulation against heat loss is that it also seals a house away from fresh air.

Any super-tight house can have indoor air quality issues unless there is also good ventilation. Roof white attic insulation last longer if insulafion is good ventilation in the attic. Heating costs and fuel waste are kept down by good insulation of the attic.

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These two good-house-care items are at war with one. If too much insulation is installed, it can shift over and block the ventilation.

Then, the damp air from the house caused by people breathing out, showers, and cooking condenses in the cool surfaces in the attic. This provides a happy environment for mold.


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