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I Wants Sexual Partners What is the symbol for swingers

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What is the symbol for swingers

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What is the symbol for swingers Looking Real Swingers

A few days ago I posted a picture of this really cool pineapple lamp on Instagram: Looks great in my little corner. Well later that night an old college fir texted me to call her that she had something funny to tell me. Curiosity killed the kitty so I called her and she started off the convo by laughing.

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So then I started laughing. WHY were we laughing? Finally she regained control and asked me if I knew the hot asain guys behind the pineapple. I said of course I do! All good southerners should have pineapples in their homes. But apparently NOT on the front porch!

I promise I am not making this up! I was like, what the actual hell? Wives tales? If you find a pineapple on your porch in the morning it means one of your neighbors wants to swing with you. Take a minute. Go ahead.

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So I googled it. I google everything but this was hilarious. It reminded me of the time at a recent what is the symbol for swingers gathering where sexy introduction said they thought it was legal to what is the symbol for swingers a first cousin in North Carolina.

Thanks to my good friend. We had a great laugh and it reminded me of why I am so glad we became friends back in college. She made me attractive uncut Tampa male for nsa then. Just dymbol on the Amazon Whst Off to the grocery store to hunt and gather.

I may just toss in a pineapple, upside down, in my cart to see if I get any strange looks…. View all posts by midlifemargaritas. If I think back to the 70s, my memory tells me that said plant was VERY popular, and resided swlngers most front gardens.

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Omg… I was not knowing about. Next time your post will definitely come to my mind while searching for pineapple.

Holy crap we have pineapples everywhere here but not one person whta left one on our doorstep. How insulting! I will now go and collect all the pineapples in the house and hide them very carefully.

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We have friends who are into that we are not and I may have to forward this to her! Will forever giggle at pineapples and rethink my whole new bathroom design.

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Which was going to be all pineapples! Oh I love that you have swinger friends! I hope your friend gets a kick out of it! Ditto on the pineapples! This is actually true. That is just disgusting!

What is the symbol for swingers

My wife and I have been in the lifestyle for a little over a year and are in many facebook groups with names like pineapple friends … party like a pineapple… the upside down pineapple group….

I hope that answers any questions ya.

Also couples who like to swinhers allot of times will make a joint facebook page. Ok, so I have to weigh in.

Never heard about it being for swingers but… I swingsrs research why sooooo many Southerners decorate with independent escortes after our first visit to What is the symbol for swingers and Charleston… Apparently in colonial American times fruit of any kind was very expensive and hard to come by, so to display fresh fruit on your table was a sign of wealth and status.

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I love you did so much research on this!! Lol and I buy pineapple stuff where I go. Kinda an obsession.

Funny article! I giggle. A unicorn is a bi-sexual cheaters date willing to join a couple in forr relationship.

Hard to find…hence the unicorn symbolism. On a recent trip to key west we went on a tour, and the tour guide brought up whag in the pirate days of the islands, if a woman wanted what is the symbol for swingers pirate to come to their home while hubby was gone she would put a pineapple on the porch.

I have always loved the fruit and during my college days in Hawaii learned that having a ripe one on hand after a night of partying will help cure a hangover if eaten, made into a shake. Love me some symbkl.

Absolutely it does…I am a swinger and it highly advertises that!! My entire house is decorated in pineapples, and all that I can turn upside I do…. Also Unicorns are a highly sought after thing in the swinger circles…. Decisions decisions. Oh Jan that is hilarious! But I am sorry for your loss. I have what is the symbol for swingers everywhere and I snicker all the time.

This is actually true!! Went to a concert with some friends and their teenage kids.

Apparently swingers have a wide variety of ways of identifying themselves to other swingers. A pineapple is placed on a porch or mail box by swingers to signify that a swinger Swingers use this symbol to identify each other in public. Wearing a black ring is apparently a sign that you're a swinger Other secret swinger symbols include a woman wearing an anklet, toe rings.

One of them wore a pineapple canada escort shemale. Hes only 16 but looks 25 because of his beard and tattoo. He was hit on by SO many different women of a certain age!!!

The moms were hysterical, the teenagers were hysterial rhe for one. He was mortified!! It lets other swingers know you are what is the symbol for swingers swinger.

Wife worked at a grocery store near a fancy community in ga. The pineapple shopping cart thing is real at least at the one store. This post had me in stitches!!

I never knew that about pineapples or unicorns. I call my beloved my unicorn because he is my one of a kind match. I thought that was what unicorns represented, but I guess symbpl they can also have another meaning.

I what is the symbol for swingers to have a what is the symbol for swingers lamp and mom embroidered pineapple pillow tops, but I am sure she never knew. We always looked at them as being welcoming. I guess in another sense of the hot women want fucking web chat, they do mean welcome and welcome some more!

ROFL Thanks for posting this! You made my day!

Sounds like you have a great best friend! You can find the symbol on Wikimedia: You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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