Review Policy

I currently do not accept review copies!

But I am looking for authors that want readers to get to know them better! This will be through a new topic on my blog.
You can contact me on:

I post my reviews on this blog, Libarything, Goodreads and Amazon. I promote every book I get on social media.

preferred genres:

  • Young adult
  • New adult
  • Self-help (mental health)

Genres I don’t review

  • horror
  • bibliography
  • Science fiction
  • Fantasy

Rating system

I’m a honest reviewer so I write what I think, I hope you can appreciate this

★: hated it, did not even finish the book
★★: Not my cup of tea but I finished the book
★★★: I liked it but I wouldn’t read it again
★★★★: I really liked it, I’d recommend it to others.
★★★★★: I fell in love with it, I highly recommend it to everyone