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Looking for someone to roll the dice

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Dice is the plural form of the noun die. It refers to a small cube with one number from one to six on each.

Dice are used in games of chance or in gambling. Die has the same meaning, but it means one die instead rokl two dice.

It also can be a verb that means ceasing to live. When to use dice: Dice is the plural form of a noun that describes a small cube with one of the numbers 1 — 6 on each of the six sides.

People roll dice to get a random number during games or gambling. As you can see in die roll the dice example above, dice can refer to literal gambling or merely taking a chance. When to use die: Use die anytime you would use dice but need the singular form.

It is also possible to have a die with more or fewer than six sides. In this case, the number of sides is often stated, such as a twenty sided die.

This can also be abbreviated to d You can also use die to refer to the verb form of death. One way to remember is that die has fewer letters than diceand singular is fewer than plural.

Alternatively, dice sounds like it ends in an s sound, and most plural words end in an s sound. Should I sommeone dice or die?

Remember that these are the plural and singular forms of the same word. Die 5 Outside Examples 6 Quiz: Die vs.

Dice 7 Article Summary.