Smoke signals (Burn this) by Ashley Dun

18697758_10211142576138070_1960561965_oTitle: Smoke signals (Burn this)

Author: Ashley Dun

Publisher: Secret Midnight Press

Rating: ★★★★★

Genre: Poetry




“One year has passed
since you buried yourself in
my soul
made a home underneath my skin
and even though you’re gone
you’ve left behind pieces of your
shrapnel from the war and
it hurts when I move in a certain way
your remnants dig into my flesh
and a flash
a picture of you blinds me and
I’m broken down again
you left your pieces and
you took some of mine with
you and
I will never be the same”


This is a chronicle of life, seasons, heartbreak, and healing. Poems to make you feel less alone, loved, understood. The light fades and sometimes seems so far away, but spring will always come. The sun is always just behind the clouds. We hold on together and these words create the rope that can lift us out of the hole that so easily catches us. Grab on. Let it lift you. (Source + buy here)

What I think of it

This is definitely one of the best poetry books I have read, it’s absolutely wonderful.

It’s in 4 parts: “the fire”, “the falling”, “the dark” and “the rebirth”. I enjoyed all four but I think “the falling” was my favourite. The poems are mostly about being in love and heartbreak but also about mental health, letting go and healing. I love how all poems had personal meanings and were individual but at the same time they’re all connected to each other and anyone could relate to some of them. As said in the synopsis “Poems to make you feel less alone, loved, understood” they really do make you feel less alone and makes you understand that even if your heart is broken, you will heal no matter what.

I met Ashley during a Vesperteen house concert in Belgium but unfortunately I didn’t had the chance to read her book before. I must say that she’s an absolute sweetheart and when you have read the poems and then see how she is in person you just know she has a heart full of love.

I totally recommend this poetry book, if you have read Rupi Kaur’s book Milk and Honey then I promise you you’ll absolutely love this one as well.

Céline. ❤



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