Unboxing Illumicrate February box

My very first Illumicrate box arrived earlier this week and I must say I was pretty excited! I heard so many good things about this box subscription and it’s quarterly so for me it was the best option money wise. The box costs £29.99 and is made in the UK.

Now let’s see what’s inside! *Spoilers*


I have to say the inside of the box was very well protected. The box came upside down and quite damaged so I was really really scared the inside was going to be as damaged but nope, nothing. Everything was in great condition so a huge thank you to the makers of the box to make sure everything is well protected.


So first of all the author of the book Wintersong has written a letter about her book. It’s really interesting to read why she has written this book and what it means to her.


This is one of the books that came in the box (for once there were 2 books in the box) it came with a matching bookmark and a signed bookplate! (Read the synopsis here)


This is the second book, an ARC that is going to be released April 6th! The book is absolutely huge (512 pages!) Click for synopsis


This exclusive sampler of Flame in the mist was also included! I saw people talking about it quite a lot but never really took notice. So let’s see if this sampler gets to me or not


These magnets are one of my favourite goodies in this box! They’re made by Her bookish things and I absolutely love them!


I screamed a bit when I saw the Fantastic beasts and where to find them bookmark, it’s so pretty!! It’s made by Jane’s Tiny Things


The Jungle book inspired pouch is definitely my favourite item in this box it’s made by Literally lifestyle company (unfortunately I couldn’t find the shop). I’m definitely going to use it!

the Magic and Mischief balm smells absolutely amazing and is made by Bookish Serendipity Co


So this was Illumicrate’s February box! Personally I’m not a fan of the books, that’s why I’m currently hosting a giveaway for Wintersong on my instagram, join and who knows you might win the book with a bookmark and the signed bookplate!

Have you gotten this Illumicrate box? What do you think of it?
Or do you use another subscription box? Let me know I’d like to try other boxes as well!

Céline. ❤

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