Review: Something Smells Good subscription box

Besides reading I absolutely love scented candles and soya wax melts.
So why not review those as well? ūüėÄ
I’m introducing you to the amazing “Something Smells Good” wax subscription box of Tinder Box Candles.

How does it work and what’s the price?

I found the box on Cratejoy, which is a site full of subscription boxes and where it’s very easy to order any kind. For only ¬£12 (free UK shipping and ¬£8 shipping to Europe). You receive 10 hand poured soya wax melts and a free gift! It’s delivered to your door and you can cancel any time you want!

This is the wonderful January box

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As you can see the box is full of fresh popcorn, I love the idea!! But I warn you DO NOT EAT IT. Bad idea, very bad idea as they just taste like the wax melts..

The free gift this month were nail files! I found them really cute and very handy. I also loved the wrapping of it!

Time to review the soya wax melts

  1. Fresh peach

    “The juicy aroma of freshly cut ripe delicious peach”

    I think this was my favourite wax. Smells very peachy and it’s just very yummy! Good for in any room

  2. Lollipop

    “Sugary lemon, lime and orange with hints of strawberry, raspberry and pear and a kick of sweet vanilla”

    This wax smells very strong and very intense. Good for in a large room but I wouldn’t melt it in my bedroom.

  3. Tranquil

    “A soothing blend of violets, cyclamen, hyacinth, jasmine, rose, lily of the valley, cantaloupe, watermelon, cedar, amber and musk”

    I didn’t really knew what to expect of this wax because it has so many different smells inside of it. So I burned it in a large room. I must say I didn’t expected to smell so nice. Very¬†nice. Good for any room

  4. Dandelion

    “A beautiful refreshing aroma of dandelions & wild flowers infused with pear, green tea, aloe vera on a gentle musk base”

    I must say I was kinda ‘scared’ to melt this one as I’m not a big fan of dandelion. Most of the time I think the smell is just too strong and too intense. But this wasn’t the case with this wax. Very soft and very pleasing the whole room smelled wonderful. I burned it in a large room but I think it would be good in any.

  5. Bedtime baby

    “A soothing blend of lavender, mandarin and chamomile with neroli and lily of the valley on a gentle musk base”

    I melted this one in my bedroom as the¬†solid wax smelled really soft and nice.. I’m glad I did. This wax made me feel relaxed and ready to sleep. very soft and flowery smell.

  6. Ocean

    “A beautiful complex fragrance including lily of the valley, hyacinth, oakmoss and white musk”

    Ugh I LOVED it. It really smells like the ocean and it just makes you dream of white beaches and the ocean. Salty and windy smell, very soft and good for any room (Tip: burn it in your bathroom while taking a bath, you’ll be SO relaxed)


  7. Peppered poppies

    “Pomegrate and orange followed with spicy cinnamon, cherry blossom and cardamom with a twist of cocoa which adds to this mysterious elegant fragrance”

    This one smelled really strong when it was solid and it smelled really strong when it was melted. The Cinnamon really gets to you and I’m not a fan of cinnamon in general. So I kinda got rid of that wax quickly and melted another one instead. This was my least favourite one.

  8. Mediterranean spa

    “Sweet olive, watercress & grapefruit, with jasmine and cassis on a base of amber & myrrh, a complex intriguing fragrance”

    Very nice and sweet smell. I’d get a large jar candle of it if I could. Good for any room.

  9.  Blue raspberry slushie

    “Raspberry, strawberry and peaches on an icy cool base.. Bring on the summer!”

    Very fruity and nice. Reminds you of those warm summer days where all you want is a cold drink or a slushie. Good for any room!

  10. Yuzu

    “The tangy fresh citrussy¬†aroma of the Yuzu japanese grapefruit”

    I never heard of that kind of grapefruit before but ITS SO GOOD! I couldn’t get enough of the smell. Good for any room!

Overall thoughts

I loved the box and my February box is already on it’s way! You can easily subscribe through Cratejoy¬† or on their own site

Have also a look on their Etsy shop where you can buy candles or different types of soya wax melts

I paid in total ¬£20 (box + shipping) and it’s worth every penny. I can’t wait for the next box to arrive!

C√©line. ‚̧

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