The Most Dangerous Place on Earth by Lindsey Lee Johnson

20760053Title: The Most Dangerous Place on Earth

Author: Lindsey Lee Johnson

Pages: 260

Rating: ★★★

Genre: YA, High school

Publisher + date: January 10 2017 by Random House

review copy provided by NetGalley & Lindsey Lee Johnson in exchange for a honest review


In an idyllic community of wealthy California families, new teacher Molly Nicoll becomes intrigued by the hidden lives of her privileged students. Unknown to Molly, a middle school tragedy in which they were all complicit continues to reverberate for her kids: Nick, the brilliant scam artist; Emma, the gifted dancer and party girl; Dave, the B student who strives to meet his parents expectations; Calista, the hippie outcast who hides her intelligence for reasons of her own. Theirs is a world in which every action may become public postable, shareable, indelible. With the rare talent that transforms teenage dramas into compelling and urgent fiction, Lindsey Lee Johnson makes vivid a modern adolescence lived in the gleam of the virtual, but rich with the sorrow, passion, and beauty of life in any time, and at any age.

What I think of it

This is quite a dark look into the teenage years at high school. It’s an eye-opener about the most dangerous place on earth, which is of course, high school.

This novel deals with some of the intense problems that adolescents face today. The stress of success, (cyber) bullying, love, drug and alcohol abuse, sexuality, suicide, emotional issues, and finding who you are as a person.

The writing is overall amazing and I liked the story but I didn’t adored it, there were too many changes in each chapter which made it difficult for me to connect with the characters, which is why I gave this book only 3 stars.


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