Nina is not OK by Shappi Khorsandi

27245625Title: Nina is not OK

Author: Shappi Khorsandi

Pages: 352

Rating: ★★★★

Publisher & date: July 28th 2016 by Ebury Press

review copy provided by NetGalley & Shappi Khorsandi in exchange for a honest review

‘You’re supposed to be a feminist, Beth!’
‘I am, doesn’t mean I have to think everything you do is OK. It’s not OK because you don’t feel OK about it.’


Nina does not have a drinking problem. She likes a drink, sure. But what 17-year-old doesn’t?

Nina’s mum isn’t so sure. But she’s busy with her new husband and five year old Katie. And Nina’s almost an adult after all.

And if Nina sometimes wakes up with little memory of what happened the night before , then her friends are all too happy to fill in the blanks. Nina’s drunken exploits are the stuff of college legend.

But then one dark Sunday morning, even her friends can’t help piece together Saturday night. All Nina feels is a deep sense of shame, that something very bad has happened to her…

What I think of it

Before I have read the book I searched some information up about the author, apparently Shappi Khorsandi is a stand up comedian. Interesting.. But I gave it a shot anyway.

And I am SO glad that I did.

What a book! It took me some time to get into the book because the writing style is so different from what I’m used to, but damn this book was my time worth. This book is absolutely brilliant and one of the best books I have read this year.

The main character (Nina) is amazing and the plot is so mind blowing that you will feel all sorts of emotions all at once.

I honestly wouldn’t be surprised once this book gets published it’s going to become a bestseller.


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